About Mountain State ProstheticsMountain State Prosthetics offers adult and pediatric prosthetics. Board certified, our professionals are trained to evaluate, fit and fabricate prosthetic devices. With a doctor's referral, we can custom fit any type of artificial limb, and fitting services are available for men, women, and children. Each prosthesis is uniquely designed for the individual patient's need, assuring comfort, function and ease of movement. We also counsel patients in the use of the device and offer support and understanding. We provide a full range of both upper and lower extremity prosthetics as well as myoelectric and hybrid externally powered upper prosthesis. High-tech, lightweight materials are available such as flexible sockets, energy-storing systems, high-strength graphite components, titanium structural modules, and specialized sport prosthesis. Our services and devices are reasonably priced and are covered by most insurance plans, and we offer repair on all devices.

Mountain State Prosthetics is the only facility in West Virginia to offer Omega/TracerCAD. Omega/TracerCAD is the first computer aided design system for prosthetics and orthotics that enables the practitioner to directly scan in the patient's image right from their actual limb. Not only does the practitioner get an accurate image but he is also able to achieve most of the necessary modifications to the model directly from the patient's limb. In addition to tracing a more accurate image, TracerCAD allows the practitioner to download the digitized model directly to a computer aided manufacturing center, which is onsite, while the patient is still in the exam room. Theoretically, their check socket could be ready before the end of the day.


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